Isiah 5:1-7 // Hebrews 11: 29-12:2 // Luke 12: 49-56
We are continuing to explore the tenants of Progressive Anglican Christianity.  The fifth guidepost is: Find grace in the search for understanding and believe there is more value in questioning than in absolutes. We are called to find Grace, which is God’s Love in searching and questioning rather than in a set of absolutes or essential doctrines. Anglicans have always based our mission on four foundations: Scripture; Sacraments; Ministry and Reason. This progressive guidepost expands the reason foundation. I have always been attracted to Anglicanism as my form for the Christian Journey is reason and inquisitive doubt.

We as Anglicans are encouraged to reflectively explore: the complete sciences both hard and social; the other religious journeys of the world seeing the truth and beauty they contain; diverse philosophies; and the current world’s ever-changing culture. This has encouraged most Anglicans to embrace a critical analysis and critique of scripture, the constant renewal of the sacraments and the expansion of Ministry to include women equal to men, the inclusion of all persons no matter what their orientation and marital status, recognition of climate change and generally to be engaged theologically with scientific advancements and issues of the current society. We do not pretend that the scripture is literally true and absolute. We recognise that scripture is a human product that is inspired but still human in production. Anglicans have never officially published a list of books or thinkers that we should not read or consider. This fact is unique within worldwide Christianity.

This position of search and questioning often is unsettling to those who want the comfort of absolutes. However, the world is under constant change in concert with the ever-expanding dynamic universe. As a Progressive Christian, I believe that God created the universe in love and resides within us. We must reflect this dynamism in our belief and be instep with God while not pretending that we are living 2000 years ago with the universe as it was at the time of the biblical writing.  We can with assurance and confidence represent our belief to an un-believing world. People are searching for God in a realistic, diverse, warm, spiritual community, which we are openly proclaiming.