Jer 2: 4-13 // Heb 13: 1-8 // Luke 14: 1, 7-14

All Saints is committed to a pathway of being a Progressive Christian Church. There are eight major guideposts that mark Progressive Anglican Churches. The seventh marker is: to strive to protect and restore the integrity of our Earth. Climate Change and a positive Christian response to it is a determination of the whole Anglican Church in Canada. Some folks see it as a grim reality and have become pessimistic about changing the outcome of human life extinguishment of the planet. As progressives we know that the Creation is not complete. The Universe is ever changing and God is creating. Our Creator is using evolution to move us forward. God is not dead and has stopped working.

Thoughtful progressive theologians remind us of this movement which gives me hope.   “Evolution impels us to think of God as drawing the world from up ahead, attracting it into a new future. Process theology maintains that God is neither simply an impersonal order nor simply the individual person who creates the universe. Rather, God and world are in process together; the world continually participates in God and God in the world. God, who is the primordial ground of order, embodies within ‘Godself’ the order of possibilities, the potential forms of relationship that are not chaotic but orderly even before they are actualized. Nothing less than a transcendent force, radically distinct from matter but also incarnate in it, could ultimately explain evolution. . . God is distinct from the world yet essential to it, just as the world is essential to God. “    Franciscan scientist Sr. Ilia Delio

God is in process with creation, in process with us. We are now aware and it is up to us to act outwardly to the world for the protection of the planet. Go to political events in the up-coming election and ask pointed questions of everybody. Speak of your concern for the Planet's life and that of future generations. Engage your family and neighbours even when it is uncomfortable. Be bold! At home, mindfully look at your actions for climate care as well as climate carelessness. We can make changes, adopt new habits! We all will make errors but we move forward with positive change, which nurtures hope as God’s love, which resides within us. In this way we act with integrity to protect and restore the earth. It is a part of our progressive mission.