1 Tim. 6: 6-19 // Luke 16: 19-31

We all live our lives in the cultural Legacy that we have inherited. Our way at seeing life is shaped in many ways by the age of 5. Our attitudes toward minorities, our self-identity and our vision of ourselves are formed early in our lives. Our Family of Origin and our community of Origin all have a life-long impact on us. It controls us until we start to evaluate ourselves as teens but often, we have had profound emotional consequences from our early formation. This is known as “ACE” Adverse Childhood Experiences. These can be the roots of how we see minorities, First Nations, ourselves. We judge ourselves as if we are okay or outcasts, good or not good enough, loveable or a geek. 

Racism, Bullying, Addictions of all types, irrational fear and many psychological based illnesses all have their base in these early experiences. Violence towards self or others has a foundation in this time. This can all be overcome by the practice of love. We are called to understand God as love who resides within each of us and in all people as God loves all of God’s creation, not just a few world-wide. Progressive Christians understand this and work to create non-violent, inclusive communities where racism is unknown. Church is called to be warm, inclusive, sustaining communities of Heaven on Earth where all people matter. Ideas from all sources are welcome and considered.

Orange Shirt Day reminds us that all children and elders no-matter their race or gender, language or religion matter. As Christians we are called to self-examine ourselves and live as inclusive people of hope, forgiveness and loving understanding.