Luke 18: 1-8

Jesus calls us as Christians to hold onto our faith. Our faith is based in a dynamic, Trinitarian understanding of God. God is alive diverse and not a monolith. Faith is like a healthy forest that is not a monoculture but alive with diversity. Diversity is a part of God's vision for Creation. It assists in fighting disease that can sweep through the growing forest. The same is true in our society. We see our values, culture and our politics through green, orange, red, blue and purple eyes depending upon the party and philosophy of support. Sometimes there are diseases that sweep through the country as Nazism did in Germany before world war two.

Our Canadian society is interdependent, multi-cultural and diverse. I am glad it is not a monoculture. There are always forces that can sweep through and cause harm. Tomorrow is Election Day. It is our responsibility to look at our values as Progressive Christians and see the vision of the parties and vote our values based on our thoughtful conclusions. We have diversity in the country but a unity as Canadians that care about each other and the new people who join us from around the world everyday as refugees and immigrants.

Please vote your way but always respect the choice of others. When it is all over, we are Canadians together forming a country in a dynamic ever-changing community. May God Bless us all.