Genesis 2:15
Dear Friends:
Today we celebrated the Last Sunday of the Christian Year, referred to as the Reign of Christ. It reminds us that we must put the Love of God, the Creator centrally in our lives.

Prof. Tim Cooper PhD. Professor of Physics at UFV was our guest at All Saints. He introduced us to the truth and the reality of Climate Change. The Anthropocene, destruction of life on the Planet Earth has happened before on the planet but this time it is man made. Dr. Cooper has agreed to return to All Saints for a special morning long workshop on the subject of the environment and a positive response to the crisis. It will happen on Saturday, January 11, 2020 at 9:00 am. in the parish hall. All our welcome and bring friends, including your most skeptical ones. He welcomes all dialogue with intelligence and respect. I hope we can fill the hall.

We must make a difference and form coalitions with all people as we have only one planet and it is our Island Home!

In the recording you will hear pauses as Dr. Cooper takes us from one illustrative slide to another. Thank you Tim for being with us and giving us profound enlightenment on this most serious issue facing all people on the planet earth. We must move beyond private vested interests and respond to the bigger picture. As Dr. Cooper pointed out, we already have solutions that will work. We need the willingness to implement them. It is miraculous that as we understand the gravity of the problem, we also have the understanding and techneology to positively respond.