Isaiah 11:1-10 // Romans 15:4-13 // Matthew 3: 1-12

Peace is often seen as absence of violence. Peace that lasts is finding"inner peace". Inner Peace is tied to meaning. We need to seek that which gives us sustainable meaning in our lives. It is usually related to service and giving as we can find identity and reward from giving.

Historically, people have found happiness and Peace, inner peace through service. The act of giving, from the heart is meaningful and has satisfaction. It is in satisfaction we find meaning and from meaning peace that lasts, no matter what happens around us.

God, through Jesus has made a covenant of Peace with us. We are called to love which gives us the peace that passes all understanding. We know there is life beyond our understanding. We are a part of this perpetual peace. As we prepare our hearts for Christmas, I invite us to seek meaning that gives us happiness which brings inner peace. May we all be Blessed in our journey to wholeness in God.