Isaiah 7: 10-16 // Romans 1:1-7 // Matthew 1: 18-25

Spiritual people throughout history have sought peace and love. The presence of God is seen within acts of love, sensitivity and love in our society. Love resides in all people across the planet in a variety of forms. This promise was foretold and sought in the prophets as a force of emancipation-the Messiah. Paul, one of the first writers of the ministry of Jesus told the world that this teacher of love and Justice was indeed Messiah, teaching us all about the freeing presence of God in our lives through love.

Matthew, writing 30 years after Paul reflected that the post-Easter Jesus is the alive presence of love within us all. Progressive Christians see God is in all, not limited to a few. We are all called to celebrate the Light that we bring to the lives of others, ourselves and the environment. We have just moved from the annual cycle of darkness that shrouds the Northern Hemisphere and now the days grow longer with light. Spiritually, we are reminded that we are called to grow in the Light and Love of God, like a child growing and gaining maturity. This is the ancient metaphorical meaning of Christmas.

I wish you all a Blessed Christmas and a year of maturing light as we open ourselves to the love of God active within us all maturing and activated during 2020.