Luke 2:41-52
Today's Gospel is focused on Jesus challenging the established order as a teenager when He went to the Temple with His parents. In terms of today, our understanding of pre-Easter Jesus is of a person who suffered with Aspergers. Jesus was obviously brilliant and a prophet of His age. He understood the scriptures and how they were not being applied in the Temple. He was one with God and we know Him in our Post-Easter life as the Incarnation of God. (God in human form) Jesus is unique but there have been other prophets through the years who were inspired by Jesus and the scriptures, leading to a pathway of following God.

In our own time, Martin Luther King, Ghandi and even Greta Thunberg followed a greater calling to name a few. They all looked at society and saw the divide between expressed belief and action. Greta calls on Youth through her "Fridays for Future" group to demonstrate asking older people who have political power to be mindful of Climate Change which will dramatically eliminate their lives and those who come after. She is empowered by her ethical commitment to the health of the planet, a creation of God. This follows in the footsteps of Jesus whose vision understood justice for all, the deep meaning of love, passionately.

We in our age must always be alive to the prophets that God sends us. They come in all shapes, sizes and genders. May God Bless us as we listen in this new decade ahead.