Acts 10:34-43 // Colossians 3: 1-4 // John 20:1-18

Jesus, The Christ has Risen, Come let us Worship! This call radiated out across the Christian world this day. It says that Jesus is God's messenger whose message is love and hope. This message allowed women and men in the midst of a series of social failure to live, cope and thrive in the first two centuries. It was a terrible time as the society in both the Middle East and in Rome was in a state of slow collapse. People were in states of fear and distrust. The economy they knew was broken. The principle political leadership, the Roman Empire was weak and broken. A series of poor leaders were in control. People were looking for scapegoats. Sadly, the upstart Christian Church was seen as the dislocation of the social order. People thought that an eradication of the Christians would solve their problems. The Christians knew that for every Christian buried, they would rise like Jesus and be “seeds" for a new order.

They put their trust in the Risen Lord and followed his love and hopeful way of being and living. We like them are living in a time of uncertainty. We are blessed to be in Canada with our unified leadership that despite differences works together for the common good.

Sadly, around the world with shinning exceptions, the civil leadership resembles the Roman State-everyone for themselves! This Easter, we must arise in our hearts and let the light of Jesus shine in our hearts. Our behaviour must model the healing love of Jesus based in hope, patience, thoughtfulness and a care for others. Jesus demonstrated that we are to be servants who include others with respect and care. We cannot let the dislocation and fear of the virus from answering our call from Jesus to "follow me"! Covid-19 has changed how we express our love for each other but can never stop it. There is nothing that stands between us and the love of God! May God Bless us all this Easter.  

Please Note that the entire  Easter  Service of Light is attached.