Genesis 1:1-30 //1Peter 1:3-9 //John 1:1-18

 Today, a group of parish members and myself reflected upon the earth. Earth Day is being celebrated today around the world, on this the Sunday after Easter. We acknowledged today in our special service gifts from the Earth that have been given to us by God. We celebrated Water, Soil, Seeds, Plants and Animals. In addition, noted the Cross-, the empty Cross-indicating Christ's Resurrection.

The Cross used was one from Coventry Cathedral, the Cross of Reconciliation. As Christ through the Cross-, reconciled Humans to God the Creator, so are we to reconcile ourselves to the Earth. It has often been said that the Earth is like a Space Ship and we humans are at the controls. Yikes! What kind of a job are we doing with not only God's gift to us but that God inhabits us and all things in and on the planet. What are we doing to God through our destruction of God's First Word to the earth-the Creation itself?

This earth Day as we all feel tension due to the Pandemic of Covid-19 virus and the needed lock down and loss of freedom, let us not forget that we are called to cherish the water, the soil, the seeds, the plants and the animals. Jesus calls us through the Resurrection to be agents of Love and Reconciliation. Let us take time now, in the lockdown to reflect upon our own actions and change our ways if necessary as stewards of the Earth.

Due to the Physical distancing but still with social closeness, the service was conducted on Zoom. The audio tape from the reflective sharing is attached as well as some of our worship and post service chatter,