John 14:1-14

Do you remember the first time that you gave flowers to a woman? Or as a woman you received flowers? This is Mother's Day, and probably your first flowers other given or received came from your child. I remember giving flowers to my mom when I was about four years old. I gave her a bunch of mangled dandelions mixed up with some poor bedraggled buttercups. Plants that I consider weeds today but then they were magic! My mother's reaction was to receive them graciously and with love and joy and almost tears in her eyes. I didn't know much about Mother's Day back then but it was a day that Dad made breakfast and I gave mom my wild bouquet.

There is a spiritual wholeness that we often overlook in our society today with regards to Mother's Day. We often don't think of God in the feminine but we have to now understood the Holy Spirit to be the feminine aspect of God. And so today I want to focus us on the femininity of God. This aspect of God is much like the energy, the godlike energy we see in our mothers when we were children. This is true for all of us unless we had very seriously ill parents fathers or mothers. But this is rare for even the most injured people have a special cherishing for their children.  This is often demonstrated as tenderness and a love. In the Holy Spirit  we see a part of God's nourishing, healing, restorative, creative  power. God always exploring bringing light to dark corners. Jesus demonstrates  This energy and power and thrust of the Holy Spirit in his ministry on earth that is been recorded and passed down to us in the Gospels. There is always room for more, there is always plenty of love hope and joy through God the Holy Spirit illuminating the dark corners of our minds our hearts and our society. We are often called ourselves to be the bearers of the power of the Holy Spirit as we also enjoy the power the Holy Spirit alive in us.

On this Mother's Day, I want to thank all mothers for their energy and love transforming power and working to bring wholeness to injury. It's a ministry that women more than men seem to carry. Even though there is a femininity in all of us, we as men often forget it. But I'm thankful today for all the women in our lives and I pray that all people will work together for the common good, for common healing and for love. May the dynamic feminine power of God – the Holy Spirit be with us all this day as we journey and minister. These are difficult times with the uncertainty of the impact of the virus on all our lives. The Holy Spirit will transform this night into day. Let it be alive among us all.