Matthew 13:24-30,36-43

Jesus taught through the use of parables. He was able to assist his listeners to understand complex theological ideas in a simple way. One of his favorite devices was to talk about faith in God being like a seed. Today's Gospel is a second set of parables using this device. Jesus was a radical in that he understood God is inclusive of all people not just those who prided themselves as being good Jews. Jesus vision was an inclusion of all. He also didn't waste his time focusing in on the demands of the doctrines of his faith. He spent his time talking about the application of love, hope, and blessings for the people. In his parable he notes that being worried about the demands of Judaism were more like weeds in a field. We are called to push the boundaries and practice radical love.

  We can be assured that this stance of being emergent Christians with a progressive view in 2020 will not be accepted by all. Inclusive theology is sometimes seen as being weeds in the field. This is important for us to understand especially when we talk to family members who are much more conservative in their theological viewpoint. The reality is God wants us to be engaged in the issues of our day. Issues such as the pandemic, climate change, racism, and the structural inequality of our society as well as the poor who are always kept as marginalized people are central to who we are as Christians today.

We are in the time of deep awareness! Movements such as: LQBTQX, black lives matter, climate action, wrongs to rights, dismantling racism all are calling us to be engaged in different and new ways working at social justice which is the vision of Jesus. It is not an easy journey! We will be criticized for our desire to be inclusive, but it is the vision of Jesus! Our mandate is to follow Jesus taking risks in love working to build a more just society. May God bless us all as we journey.