We are in a new century with a more complete understanding of the World and the Universe God has created and within which we live. As progressive Christians is important for us to keep abreast of the advances in the new science and the understanding of the Universe that has been demonstrated as well as integrating it and recognizing the supremacy of the Creator. We love God and know that God loves us as well as knowing that God is around us and in all things. New scientific understandings and breakthroughs especially in physics are demonstrating the truth of our belief through the discovery of “connective energy”! It is important that we have an understanding of this so that we can proclaim our faith with confidence to a skeptical world which often includes family members. We leave our tribal based faith and move to a cosmological understanding of the universe and our place within it.  

To the end of the Christian year we will explore the true nature of God’s Creation as it is now being discovered through the integration of new physics and new spirituality into a whole called the “Divine Matrix”.  

The Divine Matrix has many implications for us as people who have heard the wisdom and teachings of Jesus as well as seeing his life-actions as we strive to follow them in our own age. In a true Christian faith, we will discover that we are connected to the universe, via the Divine Matrix through our Spirituality and emotions, which are the Holy Mysteries of God. Additionally, we will discover a balanced approach which uses our left brain through an understanding of physics to see the reality of the Divine Matrix. The development of understanding via the New Physics over the past 333 years and especially in the past 50 years takes us to a point where people of faith have always compassionately been! May God Bless us on this journey of discovery and understanding.