Romans 12: 1-8

Since 1900 there’s been a realization that what we see around us in a concrete way is not all that there is. New understandings of physics ranging from Quantum Physics through String Physics gives us a more comprehensive understanding of the way things work on the planet at sub-atomic particle levels on the planet and in the all of the Universe. These findings which have been demonstrated have great implications for our Spirituality. Many Christians fear these implications and deny them or ignore them. We do this at our peril as generations of people coming behind us will understand these physics is a part of life and turn their backs on the truth of God. The rapid growth of the Stoicism movement is a case in point of what is happening at dismantling a faith in God. Progressive Christians must work to understand and integrate the new physics into the Spiritual Journey. We will explore this newly understood reality over the next number of Sundays for our own learning and to have knowledge to pass on to our families. 

Quantum physics discoveries add a new dimension to life, the “Fifth Dimension” which is Connective Energy. This joins the traditional dimensions known as Earth Wind Fire and Water. Connective energy is best understood in a spiritual context as the Divine Matrix. We are personally connected to this matrix through our emotional self at a very individual level by our DNA. Three major principles of understanding the Divine matrix are: 1) all things are universally connected in the matrix and therefore nothing is outside of it; 2) the matrix is holographic in which any portion of the field contains everything in the field; 3) past present and future are all intimately joined.  

Four keys to understanding Connective energy: it is a container that holds the universe; all things are connected to everything else; to tap into the synergy we must see ourselves as connected rather than separate from the universe; and once something is joined it is always connected and remain so whether physically linked or not. This is God’s creation and we journey within it and rejoice and celebrate our physical and spiritual reality.