We are on a learning journey of exploring new revelations of Quantum science and the implications for us as believers in God living in the 21st-century. These revelations call us to have a change of thinking about our faith and our belief structure. This process of change is known as Metanoia. Jesus practiced Metanoia as he brought a new vision of what it means to walk with God in his own time in ministry. Clergy are called to practice this as well as practice the art of something called hermeneutics where our faith as understood in our own time based in the knowledge that we have currently and then present this to everybody in a Spiritual system.  

In 1933 a scientist -priest by the name of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin reviewed this new quantum science and realized it had profound spiritual implications. He focused on evolution but was aware of all of the aspects of quantum physics. The church hated his conclusions and he was effectively silenced and sent away in isolation to China. He made major discoveries and conclusions that were only published after his death in 1955. It is only recently that more and more of his Spiritual awareness has been put into the mainstream. He along with other theologian-scientists have started to note that we must change the way in which we understand the world. His major conclusions are that we are all connected spiritually by a demonstratable connective energy and force. None of us stands outside of creation, and what affects us in the most minute way affects all of the universe. We are a part of a Divine Matrix through which we are connected by our DNA. We are connected with not just all people on the planet but all life on the planet and we do not stand outside of anything on the planet. This is a radically different view than any of our theological perceptions that we’ve had in the past and demands a new way of looking, understanding and believing.  

Quantum spirituality is alive with the understanding that the Holy Spirit is the connective energy of the universe. It came first before the creation of the universe through the Big Bang by God. There is a rising theological understanding that Jesus came first with a Ministry of Metanoia to change our hearts and minds away from the established way of understanding.  Jesus still challenges us today to have a new paradigm of understanding and action. It is based in the demonstratable truths uncovered by quantum science with an application in a Spiritual manner to our belief in God. This pathway is congruent with the knowledge we have and the knowledge that will still come uncovered. God loves us and wants us to use our evolutionary tools of intelligence.