Jesus brought a new understanding to the Faithful People of his age.  His call to be caring and loving as it was God’s way was a new paradigm of faith. It was a shift of understanding. These shifts are referred to as Metanoia.

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin has identified nine major fascists of faith shift due to the reality of Quantum Energy: 1)    The discoveries of modern science must form an important foundation for any contemporary theology, spirituality or morality. 2)    Love is the very nature of God. The universe reflects the Divine love project. 3)    God created an evolving expansive universe. Evolution is happening continually on every level of being.   4) Bringing evolving creation to his fulfillment is God’s project as well as God’s purpose for creating the universe. 5)     The success of Gods project for creation depends on each one’s consciousness and creative activity. A Dynamic Panentheistic Creator6)     Everyone according to their resources of love energy are morally obliged to nurture the evolutionary process. 7)    The “Noosphere” is all arisen knowledge from the start and is evolving daily. 8)    To know, love, and serve the universe with passion is our role on earth. 9)   We are all cells in Christ’s Cosmic body, living with, in, and through Jesus.  

 All knowledge comes from God from all time and we are not to be afraid of it. We are called to integrate our knowledge as faithful people on a journey with God and apply it through life. We are living in this time and space in the universe that God has created. May we journey in hope, love and peace as a people of God in the world connected with each other and all things no matter what. We are one with all of creation. May God Bless our Journey of Faith.