Matthew 20:1-16

Faith is a verb! Our Faith understanding is always changing and developing and reflective of us as human beings across the planet earth. We now understand that God is in us and we are in God. One of the first to identify this was Sr. Julian of Norwich, a spiritual mystic when she wrote during the Black Plague around 1835  “All will be well; All will be well; All manner of things will be well!” I am grateful to Erica for reminding me of her groundbreaking work. She was the first English female writer. Her early understanding today is called “Panentheism”.  

This is affirmed through Quantum Spiritual understandings and Scientific observances. This allows us to Worship with Assurance that our Faith in God is Congruent with the Reality of the Universe as it gradually is scientifically unpacked. We have assurance that no matter how difficult the time we are not alone and away from the Creator who is energetically continuing to create the universe. Progressive Theology today is now concluding a new understanding of the nature of God as Energy and not Power.  

Power implies dominance which was constructed by a male anthropocentric desire in the formation of historic religion and underpins racism and violence. Quantum mechanics indicates that creation is not a patriarchal exercise. It is a baffling dance of reality! Creation is a lateral event as opposed to a linear event.  God is a dynamic, alive Presence of continuous evolving creation. A Holy Mystery!   We are a part of the ever radiating “big bang” of Holy Energy –God’s quantum energy-”The Holy Spirit” as we Christians name this energy has and is creating by evolution.  As a planet we Journey together with God.