Faith is a verb! Dynamic understandings of the world can be embraced or rejected depending upon individual emotional needs. Some people hate this understanding want everything to be established well others welcome the changing nature of faith understanding. Quantum spirituality arises out of new learnings from quantum physics. This allows us to Worship with Assurance that our Faith in God is congruent with the dynamic reality of the Universe as it gradually is scientifically unpacked. We have assurance that no matter how difficult the time we are not alone and away from the Creator who is continuing to create the universe through evolution. We are learning that space is not a vacuum but is a full energetic place. The connecting energy that resonates in vibrations from the Big Bang still is in us and all the Cosmos. This often referred to “zero-point energy” which is hypothetically a billion times the speed of light and is found in us and connects the whole universe. It is always moving and in vibration.

The Spiritual implications of this Quantum Dance is a metaphorical Holy Quantum Trinity- God-Cosmic Creator; Holy Spirit –Energy of Evolution; and Christ- The Divine Matrix that connects it all. Holistically, Science and Spirituality are not in opposition. Science seeks to answer how and what we and the world and the universe are really like. Spirituality seeks to answer why? It gives the emotional responses to science that gives the whole answer.

Baptism is a commissioning to the ministry of “intentional under-taking” to seek the “why” as an active person who is a part of the universe. The understanding that we are in God and God is in us. We are connected to each other; to all life and to the Creator. We seek to be good ancestors for the future. We are commissioned to work knowledgeably and with evidence with the Creation and be in harmony with the planet and each other through our decisions and actions as a part of the “why” answer. We all seek to fulfill this Baptismal Ministry and ask for God’s Blessing on David Hamilton and all the newly Baptized.