We are now in the last phase of our journey of exploring quantum physics and combining it with our own spirituality, as Christian people seeking to understand God and God’s evolutionary handiwork in 2020. The truth emerges as a balance between Science and Spirituality. Science through exploring the quantum world is devoted to helping us understand what the world and the universe are really like and how it came to be. Spirituality is designed to help us all to access this truth confidently and emotionally so as to live together with the rest of the Creation in a respectful and restorative way based in love, peace, and understanding. We are all connected as humans, to all living things, all inanimate objects and the Cosmos.

  How do Progressives seek to understand God today in the light of new knowledge gleaned from the world of science? English author Rev. Dr. John Polkinghorne, an Anglican Priest and Quantum Physicist gives us a Quantum compass in: Quarks, Chaos & Christianity (Crossroad 2005- ISBN 0-8245-2406-3) He has developed 11 basic insights that are important for us to understand and upon which we will develop our final conclusions.

1)    Quantum Physics brings us an understanding that prior to the Big Bang the entire Cosmos was about the size of a mustard seed!

2)    God Creator decided that the moment must happen and in nano seconds energy exploded and it moved on to seconds as energy vibrated and the Cosmos began to unfold. The Creating Evolution began in minutes moving to days and years. It is still unfolding.

3)    In these early seconds hydrogen and helium formed followed by the formation of oxygen. Energy vibrated making matter, in years stars were born, planets occurred, stars imploded, carbon floated through the universe, some landing on earth leading to carbon-based life.

4)    13.7 billion years later we have evolved and live with-in an ever unfolding and expanding Universe which continues to evolve and Create.

5)    Creator God is amid this Evolving Vibration.

6)    As Christians, we traditionally have known God is alive in this work. We experience the Vibration of God in and around us.

7)    Quantum Physicists have seen “intelligence” in the Evolutionary activity, beyond random or mechanical activity. Science yields meaning to Metaphysics the Sacred mysteries. This Quantum Mystery is the Presence of the Holy Creator joining the vibration of life in Love.  Jesus models the Energy of Creation- Love.

8)     We observe in both a micro and macro manner that God, the Creator is alive in us and the Cosmos and the Cosmos, including us is in the Creator.

9)    Understanding Spiritually “the why” of God in a connected manner helps access the truth of God’s presence in us and of all creation in a way that is real, restorative and respectful. God is loving and caring as is demonstrated in the actual evolutionary intelligent action. The Spirit of Holy Energy is “Trinity” of Creation.

10) Understanding God Creator is congruent with the hard knowledge from Quantum science as it answers the “how” of the evolving Cosmos.

11) Prayer is a vibration from us individually and collectively toward a defined end which impacts our loving Creator. It is our alive connection to our Creator.

We will continue to explore joining with God in the Holy Trinity of Energy “the Quantum Trinity” which leads us to Love, Understanding and Joy as we expand these insights in the days ahead.