About 100 years ago, science began uncovering and demonstrating the mystery of quantum mechanics and quantum physics. About 10 years later work began on integrating these new understandings about life dynamics on the planet, in the solar system and the universe holding a faithful understanding of God. It is the major on-going theological work of the church currently in this century.  No credible theologian or spiritual philosopher today does not include a working out of the impact of quantum physics on our Spiritual understanding of life. 

Quantum spirituality marks our time as one of the great Axel Ages in the life of the Christian Church and all religions. Quantum understandings demand that theological systems move away from separateness and exclusion and towards an understanding of togetherness, oneness and common purpose. Today we understand that the Trinity must be stated and understood as: “In the Name of God: Loving Creator, Immanent Christ & Holy Energy of Evolution”.  Implications:

1. God did not create from nothing! God’s Love Energy imploded and exploded, and thus created from self because there was nothing else. God is the Big Bang not just an on-looker! Creation becomes thus a literal expression of Divinity and continues as such today! Divine Energy has been present for 13.7 billion years Evolving and Growing the ever-expanding Universe. (Polkinghorne, Rohr, Schneider, Carroll)  Time followed this Divine expression and began to exist as part of creation.

2. The first word of God happened 13.7 billion years ago- Creation. It is an ongoing evolutionary process since the Big Bang. Quantum finding of “non-locality” of connective Energy demonstrates the ancient view of God’s “omnipresence” God is everywhere and in everything at the same time(John 10:30) in  the Cosmos.

3. Scripture demonstrates Christ preceded Jesus! He was with God the Creator from the beginning at the “big bang” (John 1:1). Jesus’ life demonstrates inclusion and oneness.

4.God the Holy Spirit Energy of Creation transcends the Cosmos.  Our DNA is a sign of Divinity and Unity within us all and in all creation. The Quantum realization of “Non-locality of Energy” indicates Heaven is now and in our afterlives. We are always connected with the fullness of the Trinitarian God & each other and all living and non-living things.

5. ‘God’s divine presence’ is in all things; in all people and in all life. Quantum Science has demonstrated that we are never disconnected from Creation and each other. We are never outside Creation. This is the principle of Divination. Thus, God is in us and we are in God!       .