Progressive Christians and all Anglican Christians are continually being challenged to have an integrated faith. All clergy are challenged to make sure that all members of the church have integrated spiritual lives. It is not healthy to have a disjointed set of values where-by our religious values, social values, educational values, political values, and economic values, etc. are not in concert with each other. We seek always to be integrated and to assist others towards an integration of life values and actions. This includes bringing Scientific Quantum knowledge into our faith understanding as everything comes from God and nothing is outside away from God.  

We’ve been exploring Quantum Spirituality, the integration of demonstrated scientific reality with our Spiritual understanding on our Journey in Faith. Today we look at the second part of the Quantum Trinity, the Immanent Christ. This refers to Christ who is from the beginning and is with us personally and within our community now us at this moment. This nature of Christ has been known theologically for years as the Cosmic Christ. The Cosmic Christ is universal and found in the whole of the universe as indicated in quantum science through the connectedness of all things. Christ is at the same time Immanent in this Cosmic Energy with each of us always.   'Jesus of Nazareth,' which is the real first and last name of Jesus was anointed by God to preach the Good News of God's connecting Love.  Jesus the “anointed one” or Jesus “Christ” was with God the Creator from the beginning at the “big bang” (John 1:1) preceding his appearance on the earth. The Creator has anointed many on the earth before and after Jesus. Moses, Gandhi, King, Mohammed are a few that come to mind as people called to focus human attention on the ways of Creating Love.

Jesus was anointed for all time to teach this fundamental connecting nature of God. Congruent with Quantum understandings, Jesus taught us that all life is connected together on the planet within a Divine Matrix of Love. Jesus the Cosmic Christ is imminently present with us all, not just to confessed followers. This is the ‘real presence’ of Love celebrated at the Eucharist. We are called to build the Heavenly Garden on the Earth.

The Cosmic Christ takes us beyond old concepts of sin, guilt, orthodoxy, and private salvation. Teilhard de Chardin saw the “Cosmic Christ” as understood through Quantum Spirituality as bringing all things together in the Universe to an “Omega Point”. We are active co-creators in the Universe not just bystanders! We know from Quantum understandings that Energy is transformed at the Omega point and goes on Creating as we all are part of the indestructible Divine Energy of Creation. This is the reality of Eternal Life.