We can never “fully understand” the Divinity of God as it is a Holy Mystery! We only have hints from Inspired Scripture and Science. The Holy Spirit is real and alive and understood as the feminine of God. Modern scientific research has demonstrated that we are all, along with the rest of creation the result of evolved energy in a variety of forms. This energy has been with us forever. We engage this understanding in our integration of faith and science.  

Anglican theologian, Matthew Fox who has explored Holy Energy Spirit as seen through Quantum science. He notes she calls us to: a) live with passion; b) live with the wonders of the Cosmos; c) live with moral outrage and stand up for justice; d) live with compassion and resist fear; e) live with telling the truth; f) live with giving birth to creativity; g) live with building inclusive community beyond our comfort zone as the Holy Spirit is in all.(Fox 1999)  

Dr. Diarmuid O’Murchu has noted that the Holy Energy Spirit: liberates all new possibilities for life in the Universe; inspires dynamic co-operation and community of all people; retains the ability of each organism to hold its own identity; creating an environment that is intentionally open for flourishing growth ( O’Murchu 2012). The Spirit calls us to be constructive, breaking the bonds of formal and denominational religion. She transcends all language, cultures and dogma to free all people to celebrate life together in a Spirit of Creation. She is alive in us and we are alive in her as we are alive in all of God’s love joining all planet life.  

The Quantum Trinity brings a new vision, definition and freedom as well as new responsibilities as we are all a part of the Evolutionary Energy of Creation of the Planet Earth and the Cosmos.