Luke 1: 26-38

This is the fourth Sunday of Advent, commonly known as Love Sunday. It is the day we light the fourth candle in the Advent Wreath reminding us that as we approach the longest and darkest night of the year - the Light of Jesus shines brightly in our hearts. We know that we are in God and God in us. Quantum spirituality reminds us that God is the big bang and that God’s Love energy created and is creating the universe in an ever-expanding way.  

This has many implications for us as Christians living in 2020-2021. We know that we are connected to every other person and all living things on the planet. We are connected within the matrix of God’s love. We are called to shine in the darkness just as the ancients saw the conjunction of the planets then as we see them now as a sign of something new. The light we bring is a reflection of God’s love which radiates within each of us. We are called to be engaged, active and insightful about the issues of today and bring our wisdom and solutions as we are motivated by God to express God’s love in the situation. Part of the life that we bring to the darkness is an understanding that we are co- creators with God. The universal response to the pain and destruction of the Covid-19 virus is a sign of God’s love working across the planet.  

Being co-creators with God is an awesome responsibility, and we can only do it with the presence of the Holy Spirit within us and around us. Before us are the major issues of climate change which if we don’t respond quickly will destroy human habitation on the planet. Our love must extend to an understanding that our actions today will indicate to future generations that we were ‘good ancestors’ and made choices that allows their life to have a quality similar to what we enjoy today. We benefit from the insight and wisdom which Jesus brings to the world and which we pass along in a qualitative way as bearers of God’s Alive Love in the darkness.  

It came to me after church that we can make a symbolic reflection of alive love by slightly changing the home manger scene. Substitute the figure of the infant Jesus with a tea-light candle. Daily over the Christmas week starting on Christmas Eve, place in a new candle in the scene thinking of an issue or action where you are called to act as you re-light the Christ candle of God’s love alive in you. May God Bless us as we are called to be lights in the darkness, holding the love of Jesus reborn in us this Christmas.