John 3:1-17

Ancient Jews sought to have a relationship with God through following in a right set of rigid rules. These rules had developed over time in response to natural occurrences. We are concerned now about Covid-19 virus. It is turning the world upside down. Can you imagine 3000 years ago when people had no idea of virus's and all illness was a sign of sin and that God had to be pleased. Rules around food preparation were tied to worship so as not to displease God as were rules of cleanliness. The Pharisees were the religious rules police. Nicodemus came to see Jesus by night as he saw Jesus' love overwhelming rules.

We are called today as were the people in Jesus' time to connect with each other with love. We are now in a time where concern and caution are having rules come into our lives which change our patterns of life due to the Covid-19 virus. Once we have stabilised as a society with proper immunization, we will return to our previous practice in worship. We are a love-based community, not a rules based society.

It is our responsibility to live and act in aware and thoughtful ways as progressive loving people of God. We are to care for ourselves mindfully aware of our actions on others. These seasons of Lent are a good time to reflect, prepare a path of action and live our action out from our heart with good thoughtful and mindful input.