John4: 5-42

Today we are living in a time of uncertainty due to the COVID-19 virus. In Today's Gospel we see a snapshot of societal uncertainty 90 years after the death of Jesus on the Cross. In a sophisticated way, John calls us to walk in honesty with God through Jesus. The Samaritan women was seen as an outcast. Her life had violated all the Jewish norms, yet Jesus treated her with love and respect. She was restored due to confronting herself and coming to Jesus in honesty.

We too in our relationship with God in this season of Lent must come to God through Jesus in honesty and we are restored to wholeness with God. Restoration brings calmness and wholeness. We need this mindset in this time of uncertainty. We see around us people responding to COVID-19 by hoarding, violence and other manifestations of fear. Honest fear is healthy, out-of-control fear is destructive and not the Christian Way.

God is constantly with us in love no matter how uncertain the time. Sadly, the disruption and death due to the virus is only a prelude to the future unless we radically change the habits of society. In all honesty, as called by the gospel reading of today, Climate Change will cause more pandemics and dislocations. We have 10-15 years to change radically the trajectory of the future for our grandchildren. If we don't, what we see around us now will seem minor. These days will be thought of as the"good old days"! Let's move forward together in honest love with God with confidence that God is with us.