Psalm 23 // John 9: 1-41
We are living carefully in the midst of something most of us, including me have never experienced-a pandemic, a very lethal pandemic of COVID-19 virus. It is a silent killer and we need to respond carefully and prayerfully.
In this time of stress, we are not alone. In the words of the 23rd. Psalm, "The Lord is My Shepherd".
Pandemics are not new. Followers of God have lived with uncertainity forever. They knew, and we are learning that we live by putting our faith in God. The early people thought everything that negatively happened was a reault of sin, a seperation from God. Jesus brought new insight-a removing of Blindness. His insight was to love, to include and be peaceful. The mud that he made by mixing spital with soil was a sign of mixing the Spirit with the world that bring insight and clarity to all of. Without God's presence, we are blind.
This is born out today. Science is insipred by the Spirit of God and is bringing us clarity and insight as to a healthy direction out of this current scary time.
I pray we all do our part. We have God's love with us and in us. Jesus is our Shepherd.
God Loves us. We have not been abandoned, we are not wrong in our journey! We cannot look for scapegoats.  What we are experiencing is the normal flow of life events through evolution. We are Blessed that in this time we have medical science that will assist the vast majority of us if we fall ill. Science, inspired by the Holy Spirit is working to find the antidote to the virus. Other people are working to find intermediate mitigation strategies until the solution is found. We are in fact living in such a strategy now to keep us safe and keep others safe. Contrast this with pandemics from Biblical times and the Middle Ages. The people thought that the illness came because of sin and they needed miracles to save them. They were helpless as the illness ran its coarse. We have through reason, inspiration and God’s love, knowledge which brings real hope for our survival. I am thankful to God who has inspired and empowered people among us to work at a solution. Now is the time for us to do our part becoming part of the solution by staying home, resisting the urge of risky behaviour and inviting our family and friends to do the same. May God Bless us All!