1. All Saints understands that it is on a journey of Spiritual Discovery in the 21st. Century. We are formed by our history in the Anglican Church of Canada as well as historical and archelogical discoveries. Christian theologians such as John B. Cobb Jr., sceintists, and philosophers have all impacted the journey. We understand that there is a new Spiritual understanding that is best understood as the Emergent Church Movement.
  2. Emergent Church Movement: The parish council has noted growth through its acclamation of itself as a part of the Emergent Church Movement. Emerging churches are communities that practice the way of Jesus within postmodern cultures. This definition encompasses nine practices. Emerging churches (1) identify with the life of Jesus, (2) transform the secular realm, and (3) live highly communal lives. Because of these three activities, they (4) welcome the stranger, (5) serve with generosity, (6) participate as producers, (7) create as created beings, (8) lead as a body, and (9) take part in spiritual activities.
  3.  The parish is now linked with both the Centre for Progressive Christianity  (www.TCPC.org) and the Emergent Church Movement. The East end of the Fraser Valley is theologically very conservative. However, there is a growing need among people of all ages and backgrounds to find a welcoming, open, social justice - based faith community that is inclusive, environmentally sensitive and connected with contemporary thought while still enjoying traditional practice.
  4. The Bible is an important source of authority and direction. It represents Spiritual Wisdom and Mythic understanding of our forebearers. The Bible is one of four inspirational foundations of historic Anglicanism. The other pillars are historic ministry formation, the seven sacrements of the church and reason which empowers us to question and search the direction of the Holy Spirit. All of this is viewed through the lens of progressive thought and equality of all people and orientation.
  5. The parish works cooperatively with other Spiritual and community groups to help the poor, the hungry and those in need.
  6. The Parish Council is committed to the progressive direction of the parish. The members come from many walks of life. They are elected for one and two year terms. The council includes members from various ministries, the People’s and Priest’s Wardens, the Treasurer and Synod Delegate. Together, with the Priest in Charge, they form a leadership team of mutual ministry expressed in creative, restorative actions with a vision of a Loving, ever caring God at their center as interpreted by the ministry of Jesus.